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Who is she?

The Velvet Box is a one woman company based in Flint, Michigan. It is owned and operated by Patricia L. Miller. (ME) I have a background in all sorts of things creative, it has overflowed into my Jewelry making. I have been a Hair Stylist, I have dressed retail showcases, been a make-up artist, I have done gift baskets and studied & dabbled in Interior Design. I am always looking to educate my self more and more. It is a passion that I take seriously, and I want my clients to be 100% satisfied. 

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Custom Designed Jewelry

Bridal design, special occassion and custom made pieces, please contact me via e-mail at: (I will reply within 2 business days)

***Depending on design and material required, all custom orders may require a 50% deposit or payment in full at time of order. Balance due at delivery if only deposit made.




 Any item purchased from The Velvet Box is guaranteed for normal wear(as it applies to sterling, 14kt gold-filled, plated metals, painted objects and so on) and will be replaced if defect(item falls apart for no apparent reason) at no charge(a small shipping fee will apply). The Velvet Box cannot guarantee replacement of individual beads, gemstones or crystals if mishandled, dropped, stepped on etc...