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Home Show Information


    Hostess Incentive Program

Earn Free Jewelry!

                                                              Sales (of your show)            Free Jewelry Earned

$200-299                                 $20

$300-399                                 $35

$400-499                                 $50

$500-599                                 $65

$600-699                                 $80

$700-799                                 $95

$800-899                                 $110

$900-999                                 $125

$1000+                                                      $150

 Get 50% of any one item just for having a show!

  Receive a FREE gift just for having a show!

  Receive an additional free gift when 3 bookings are made and shows have closed!

The Velvet Box home shows are cash and carry. However custom orders can be placed with a 50% deposit.

For hostess to receive free gift from 3 bookings, those shows must be held within 60 days of the booking date.

Pick your own Velvet Event
-Afternoon Tea
-An Evening with the Ladies
-Church Social
-An Office Party 


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Need a unique gift item?

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